CEO/ Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

Before entering the field of addiction counseling and treatment, I had a very successful career in retail multi-store management.  I was a District Manager with various convenience store chains with full profit and loss responsibility for up to $28 million in annual revenue, with as many as 8 stores and 140 employees under my direction.  I have a degree in Business Administration and was the youngest District Manager in company history with the first company at age 23.  By the time I was in my mid 30’s my own alcoholism and drug addiction ultimately ruined my career.


I understand the thought process and defense mechanisms of the untreated alcoholic/addict because I lived it.  My innermost self knew I had a problem long before I was willing to face it.  I spent years trying to figure a way around it.  It was the only problem I had ever encountered that I couldn’t figure out how to solve.


I have been sober since 1996 from alcoholism and cocaine addiction.  My intervention was facilitated by an Emergency Room Physician while being treated for medical complications from alcoholism.  I will never forget it.  I didn’t get sober right away.  I went through detox twice almost a year apart, each time staying sober about 6 weeks.  The third time, I checked into a treatment center for detox but was engaged by the caring staff who persuaded me to stay.  I was in treatment for 4 months.  I am still sober from that third time.  It was a profound experience.  But it all started from that encounter/intervention with that ER Physician. 


After leaving treatment, I would periodically come back to visit several of the staff who had become mentors.  My plans were to try to pick up the pieces and resume my business career.   These mentors were convinced that I had a gift and should change careers and enter the field of addiction counseling.  Obviously I ultimately listened to them and went back to school. 


I started in the field of addiction treatment in 1998.  During my early years in the field I was a counselor in a large detox unit, working with men and women in the vulnerable state of withdrawal from various substances.  I worked alongside skilled doctors and nurses which gave me valuable knowledge I still use to this day.  I was also a counselor in a large men’s residential program and facilitated the weekend family program, where I discovered the power of the family and how the support system plays an integral role in the individuals recovery.  In 2003, I was promoted to Director of Admissions of this 248 bed facility.  Our call center received 800-1000 calls per week from individuals and families in crisis and I gladly answered the phone along with the rest of the staff.  Of course, I was responsible for handling the more difficult calls.  Over the years, I have handled thousands and thousands of calls.  There are not many scenarios that I haven’t seen hundreds of times.  Over time, I have learned what typically works best for each particular circumstance, situation and personality type.  While in this role, I developed professional relationships with other treatment professionals across the country.  A true admissions professional will gain knowledge of other providers to match an individual to the right program.  I have a vast national network of treatment providers and treatment professionals that are vetted to be the best in their specialty.  Through this type of networking I have become known for my integrity, high ethical standards and passion for helping people find lasting recovery. 


Professional Licenses and Certifications:


Nationally Certified Intervention Professional (NCIP) through The Addictions Academy


Certified Arise Interventionist-Intern (CAI-I) through the ARISE Network


Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) in the state of Texas through the Texas Department of State Health Services


Board Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) through the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals


Board Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC) through the Maryland Addiction and Behavioral Health Professionals Certification Board


Board Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Professional through the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals


Professional Affiliations:

National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors 
Texas Association of Addiction Professionals - Past VP of Austin,Tx Chapter

Maryland Association of Addiction Professionals

Capital Networking Group, Washington DC

Virginia Professional Laison Association

DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Professional Laison Association

Employee Assistance Professionals Association

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Addiction Professionals Resource Alliance
AustiNET, Austin, Tx Networking Group


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