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Misty Slopes


Many people ask about the name Fouraze, what does it mean?  Fouraze, the company name, was inspired by a book titled ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz.

(Four Agreements = Four A’s = Fouraze)

It is a book outlining four simple but effective agreements as way of living

  • Be Impeccable With Your Word

  • Don’t Take Anything Personally

  • Don’t Make Assumptions

  • Always Do Your Best


In a world where honesty, integrity and customer service can seem scarce, I wanted Fouraze to contain these principals in its’ name as a constant committment to live up to this simple yet powerful set of life principals.    

Fouraze was formed as a result of a culmination of many years of experience and expertise working with individuals and families afflicted with substance use disorders.  Through the years, I have literally worked with thousands and thousands of families as they sought help for their loved ones. 


Fouraze was created to be an affordable intervention option.  We focus strictly on the family and the loved one needing help while utilizing my vast personal experience of how to get someone to agree to treatment, how to choose the right treatment center for your loved one and use of my vast network of addiction treatment industry connections for the benefit of Fouraze clientele. By using our intervention coaching model, the costs of an intervention are significantly decreased due to no need for last minute air travel, hotel stay, meals, car rental, etc.   


I genuinely look forward to working with you!

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