Initial Phone Call

We will gather enough general information to get a good feel about your loved one and the family dynamics.  We will determine style of intervention best suited for your situation (invitational or surprise intervention). We will discuss costs and go over the contract for services. 


Sign Contract and Submit Payment

Contract will be emailed to you to sign via DocuSign.  Payment can be made via Paypal on this website or we can do a credit card by phone.  One-half of fee is collected at this point, the other half to be paid upon arrival the day of the intervention. 



A great deal of time and effort goes into this phase.  We will need to gather as much detailed information as possible about your loved one by completing a detailed questionnaire by phone.  We will need to understand family dynamics and explore who will be invited to participate, their roles, strengths and weaknesses.  We will explore other non-family individuals who are influential on your loved one, both positive and negative. We will need to set up a single “point-person” within the family to communicate with Fouraze, typically the initial caller.   Intervention participants will write letters for use in the intervention using a provided outline.  Participants will agree on a “bottom-line”, which is a consequence for not agreeing to treatment.    We will determine date, time and place for pre-intervention meeting and intervention to include method of ensuring your loved one attends.  We will explore treatment options best suited for your loved one, considering budget and insurance.  We will provide the point-person with several treatment options so they can call and discuss directly with the center.  Decision will be made about treatment center and bed is reserved.  Transportation from intervention to treatment center is set up.  During this phase, through our discussions we will attempt to anticipate every possible scenario and have contingency plans for each scenario to ensure the desired outcome.  There can be no guarantee of a particular outcome but through proper planning we have the best chance for success. 



Participants and interventionist arrives early.  Second half of payment is secured. We review each persons role, seating arrangement, contingency plans and intervention wrap up.  Intervention goes as planned and hopefully your loved one is headed to treatment!  If not, the bottom-line is enforced and we maintain close contact with point-person for further developments.  If this happens, it does not mean the intervention failed.  The effects of the bottom line will take its course and will usually work if all participants maintain boundaries.  Contact will be maintained with the treatment center and we will proceed as the situation unfolds. 


Ongoing Family Support

We want to maintain weekly contact throughout treatment, especially in the first several weeks.  We need to be in regular contact, especially during  transition periods up to six months post-intervention.  Transition periods include when your loved one is going from inpatient to outpatient treatment,  moving home or going to sober living,   They will be most vulnerable to relapse during transition periods. Beyond 6 months, we will be just a phone call away if you need us.  


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